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My maternal grandfather's name was Wilfred Alexander Watt de Beuzeville revealing a strong hint of a French background. My paternal grandfather also had this distinctive connection being named Cyril Beuzeville Byles. There was a BYLES-BEUZEVILLE marriage in England in 1796. The Beuzeville's came to Australia in 1848 and the Byles in 1911. The pursuit of family roots led to to the family groups meeting once again and living opposite one another in Beecroft, NSW, from whence came my parent's marriage in 1930.

The history of these two families has been well researched by a number of family members over the years. This site is an attempt to make their findings available to succeeding generations, both for general interest and as a launch pad for future research.

Errors, omissions and additions are always welcome.

Ralph Byles

The 'pannier' escape from France
The founder of the Unwin publishing house
The founder of the Spicer paper business
The First Premier of Queensland
The Start of the Courtauld silk business